If you want to elevate your wedding photos into timeless works of art, consider incorporating cinematic or fine art elements into your images.

Creating Fine Art Wedding Photos: Expert Tips and Techniques

Fine art wedding photography involves adding an artistic touch to your photos, transforming your special day into a stunning visual experience you can treasure forever. In this article, we'll provide expert tips for adding a touch of fine art to your wedding photos, from creative composition and lighting to post-processing techniques.

Whether you're a professional photographer or a bride-to-be, our tips will help you create beautiful, unforgettable images that capture the essence of your special day.

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What is Fine Art Photography?

Although there isn’t an exact definition of fine art photography, it involves certain characteristics and techniques that come with an experienced photographer. The photographer must have a vision they’d like to execute, and it requires experience and technical and editing skills to achieve, especially at a fast-paced event.


Fine Art/Cinematic Wedding Photography

Fine Art / Cinematic wedding photography is a style/genre of wedding photography that emphasizes the artistic qualities of the images. Fine art wedding photographers often use natural or dramatic lighting, selective focus, and shallow depth of field to create images that capture and convey emotions.

Although most fine art wedding photographers are highly skilled and experienced, what drives a consistent artistic vision is how passionate the photographer is about their art.

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Creating Drama with Dramatic Lighting in Fine Art Photography

Fine Art photographers seek to create unique images by using lights, shadows, and composition to create drama in an image. Dramatic lighting will elevate an image's look and feel.

We aspire to be more intentional with our photography; we want to go further than what you’d expect a regular event coverage to look like. Here at Thania Auri Photography, we seek to display our couple's love through romantic imagery. From our angles to our composition and lighting, we look to enhance those natural romantic moments between our couples.


Displaying Couples Through Romantic Imagery

I display my couple's love through romantic imagery. From my angles to our composition and lighting, I look to enhance those natural romantic moments between our couples.

Techniques for Incorporating Cinematic Style Into Your Wedding Photos

Here are a few elements to keep in mind when taking an image to incorporate fine art or cinematic style:

  • Use of natural and artificial light
  • Wide aperture so subjects are the main focus
  • Direct subjects into a romantic pose or lead them to a romantic moment with a prompt
  • Make the image tell a story
  • Make sure subjects are the main focus of an image
  • Intent; the finished product is always on purpose

Capturing Intimate Moments Amid Wedding Celebrations

It creates an intimate moment for the couples when they’re too caught up with the celebrations and would like some alone time together.

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Presenting your day in the best and most magical way

Every wedding has the potential for incredible photos, but it’s heavily dependent on the photographer’s decisions and eye for detail.

I aim to present your day in the best, most magical way possible and consistent with a fine art and cinematic aesthetic.